August 24
Sockeye salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon - there is caviar!
Selected red caviar Sockeye salmon, Pink salmon and Chum salmon are available in a warehouse in Moscow!
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August 20
Far Eastern scallop fillet available for sale!
There is a new position in the assortment of the company "Morskoy Meridian" - fillet of the Far Eastern scallop!
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August 17
Let's figure out why we need Omega-3!
For the body to be strong and healthy, it needs fatty acids! They are not produced independently and come to us only from food. An additional source of Omega-3 PUFAs Did you know that our body is unable to synthesize unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3?
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August 14
New position in the assortment - "Omega-3 from wild Kamchatka salmon"
We are glad to present a new commodity item in the assortment of our company:
"Omega-3 from wild Kamchatka salmon" is produced by Tymlatskiy Rybokombinat LLC.
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June 08
The first sockeye salmon caviar 2020 in Moscow!
LLC "Morskoy Meridian" , the exclusive representative of CJSC "Energia", offers the first sockeye salmon caviar 2020 this Wednesday in a warehouse in Moscow.
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April 16
Fishing for herring in the West Kamchatka subzone will begin in accordance with the Fishing Rules.
Traditionally, after the April 10 end of the Alaska Putin pollock in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, fishermen begin to harvest herring, fishing of which is permitted from April 15 to May 1. Fish processing enterprises in the European part of the country need raw materials.
According to WARPE President German Zverev, the capacity of the domestic herring market is 370–390 thousand tons per year, of which 75% are Russian fish. April-May is the season for the purchase of raw materials by many herring processors in Russia.
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April 01
The company "Okeanrybflot" celebrates 52 years from the date of foundation!
April 1 - the foundation day of the fishing company "Okeanrybflot"

On April 1, 2020, the Okeanrybflot fishing company celebrates the next anniversary of its founding. For 52 years, the largest enterprise in Kamchatka has not let go of the banner of a leader.

Dear colleagues and partners!
The company "Marine meridian" sincerely congratulates the entire team of "Okeanrybflot" on the occasion! ⠀

We sincerely wish further growth, development, implementation of the plans and the successful implementation of all projects!
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April 01
Important information!
Dear customers and partners!

The company "Marine meridian" continues to work in April according to the reduced schedule from 09: 00-15: 00.
Canned fish, frozen fish and seafood are available!

In order to ensure our overall safety with you, we kindly ask you to wear a mask and gloves when visiting the office and warehouse.

Waiting for you!
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March 26
Important information!
Dear customers and partners!

Next week (from March 30 to April 3 inclusive), the office and warehouse are open from 9:00 to 15:00.
All products are in stock.
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March 24
New position from "Kamchattralflot" - canned fish «Pacific herring natural»
Consist: fish, salt, black pepper, bay leaf.

Standard №: 7452-2014
Net weight: 185g
Packing: 24 pc
Can type: №38
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February 14
20 years - Morskoy meridian!
Dear customers and partners!
We are pleased to announce that the Marine Meridian Company is 20 years old!
During this time, the company has come a long way from the first small deliveries of red caviar to the release of products under its own brand; availability of own storage and refrigeration facilities, qualified staff in Moscow offices and in Kamchatka.
Today, the result of 20 years of work is to gain a leading position among suppliers of red caviar in Russia., Well-deserved authority and impeccable business reputation of the company.
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January 28
Flounder with Caviar available now!
Flounder 100% caviar available in a warehouse in Moscow.
Producer: LLC Kamchattralflot
Size range: L, M, S
17 kg bag
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January 26
Fish 2020. First volume.
According to the industry monitoring system, Rosrybolovstvo reports that by the end of January 2020, the catch of #Pollack in the far Eastern basin was 138.3 thousand tons, which is almost 12% higher than the level of 2019, the Pacific # herring was mastered by 35% more – 32.6 thousand tons, the production of # cod increased by 54% - to 8.8 thousand tons.
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December 25
Happy New Year!
Dear clients and partners!
We want to inform you that:

December 30 - last work day of the year 2019.
31.12-08.01.2020 - winter holidays

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year!
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December 19
Kamchatka Fisheries Council summarizes the year
About 1.5 million tons of fish were caught by Kamchatka enterprises in the 11 months of 2019. This figure was voiced at a meeting of the Kamchatka Fisheries Council, which was held by Andrei Zdetovetsky, Minister of Fisheries of the Territory.
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December 16
Kamchattralflot to take part in Seafood Expo Russia 2020 for the first time
The V International Fishery Forum and Exhibition of the Fish Industry, Seafood and Technology (Global Fishery Forum and Seafood Expo Russia 2020) will be held in St. Petersburg from September 21 to 23, 2020.
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December 13
Catch of sardine Iwashi, mackerel reached 198 thousand tons
According to the industry monitoring system, the total number of Russian users as of mid-December 2019 was almost 198 thousand tons, which is 32% higher than the level of 2018.

The preliminary results of this year's fishing discussion are various ways of mining in the Far Eastern Fisheries Basin, which is in the mode of video conferencing with the Far Eastern regions.

The main share of the catch is sardine Iwashi - 132 thousand UAH. tons, which is 71 thousand tons more than the level of 2018, the development of mackerel decreased by 17 thousand tons to 63.5 thousand tons.
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December 09
In 2020, fishermen will begin to develop investment quotas.
Ten enterprises will receive investment quotas in 2020, Ilya Shestakov, head of the Federal Fisheries Agency, said. Additional volumes of raw materials will be allocated to nine coastal plants and one ship.

The coming year will be the first one when companies that have been allocated quotas for investment purposes receive the right to harvest these resources. Prior to the acceptance of investment objects - fish processing complexes or fishing vessels - by the commission for monitoring the implementation of investment projects, additional volumes were virtual.
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December 07
2020 is preparing fishermen of the Far East to catch pollock over a million tons.
Fisheries science provided a forecast for pollock Putin next year. The forecast for the total permissible catch of pollock from the Sea of ​​Okhotsk exceeded one million tons.

The Okhotsk Sea Pollock Expedition is one of the largest sea putins of Russia. The share of Okhotsk pollock in the total Russian catch is on average 23 percent, which makes this stock a strategic resource of our country and the basis of the economy of many enterprises.
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November 16
Pink salmon does not promise big approaches in 2020
Specialists of the Pacific branch of VNIRO (TINRO) spoke about the results of surveys of salmon and other resources in the Bering and Okhotsk Seas. Studies were carried out after the slope of yearlings. The use of two NISs at once - "Professor Kaganovsky" and "TINRO" - made it possible to cover most of the salmon range, the institute noted.
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November 13
Approval number
The refrigeration complex of the "Morskoy meridian" company in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky successfully passed the European audit and confirmed the compliance of the current quality and safety system with international standards.

Today, the presence of the euro number allows us to strengthen the ambitions of our company: to expand the geography of sales outside Russia and neighboring countries, to supply red caviar and frozen products of Russian production of high quality to the EU countries.
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November 12
Red caviar of the "MORMER" brand in an iron can, 130g
The company "Marine Meridian" produces red caviar in a new format: iron can 130g with a plastic cover.
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October 03
Salmon fishing in the far East ends ahead of 2017 in 37%
In the Kamchatka territory, salmon fishing has been completed. Fishermen produced about 378 thousand tons – 56.5% more than the same period in 2017. In the Magadan region since the beginning of the Putin, more than 10.4 thousand tons have been produced – 51% more than in 2017. The volume of production in the Sakhalin region reached 51.23 thousand tons – 6.5% higher than in 2017. In Primorsky Krai, about 34 tons were produced-almost 6 times (5.6 times) more than in 2017. In the Khabarovsk territory, 41% less was developed-about 27.38 thousand tons. According to the Primorsky territorial administration, the average level of loading of refrigerators is 97%. 61 Express trains with fish products were sent from Vladivostok to the Western regions of Russia. The cost of delivery from Vladivostok to Moscow is at the level of 14.5-15 rubles / kg.
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September 25
Products of PJSC "Okeanrybflot" received a gold medal in the category " Product of the Year 2019"
"Fillet of far Eastern Pollock" and "Kalmar Komandorsky" from the manufacturer PJSC "okeanrybflot" won in the nomination Product of the Year 2019 at the International professional tasting competition of food and beverages WorldFood 2019
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September 24
Red caviar "MORMER" at the exhibition WorldFood Moscow 2019
We invite you to see the range of our company which also includes our own brand of red caviar "MORMER".

Pavilion 2, hall 12, stand A327
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September 23
WorldFood Moscow 2019
We invite you to visit our stand at the international exhibition WorldFood Moscow 2019.
Pavilion 2, hall 12, stand A327
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September 19
The opening of a modern fish processing plant in Kamchatka
The Kamchattralflot plant will operate year-round and process whitefish, mainly pollock and herring.
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September 02
WorldFood 2019 - Get Your Free Ticket
WorldFood Moscow is the largest autumn exhibition of world-class food products in Russia, a landmark event in the Russian food market. WorldFood Moscow 2019 will be held at Crocus Expo IEC, the largest exhibition center in Eastern Europe September 24-27.
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August 16
The company "Morskoy meridian" launches her own packaged caviar "MORMER"
The company "Morskoy meridian" launches her own brand of packaged red caviar - "MORMER"
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August 13
Kolpakovsky Fish Factory LLC
Morskoy meridian company is pleased to announce the exclusive cooperation in the wholesale supply of red caviar with Kolpakovsky Fish Factory LLC.
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August 07
Since August 7, salmon fishing in the Kamchatka Bay was resumed.
This decision was made at a meeting of the Commission for Regulation of the Extraction (Catching) of Anadromous Fish Species in the Kamchatka Territory. This is due to the fact that a sufficient number of sockeye salmon entered the river to spawn - more than 250 thousand individuals.
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July 26
In Kamchatka, fishermen have mastered 44.5% of the projected volume of salmon.
Salmon Putin continues in the Kamchatka Territory. Fishing is open in almost all fishing regions, with the exception of the river. Thieves (Sobolevsky district, West Kamchatka subzone).
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July 22
OKEANRYBFLOT: We are increasing our presence in the Russian market.
V proshlom godu «Okeanrybflot» realizoval na vnutrennem rynke boleye 60 tys. tonn ryboproduktsii, rasskazal gendirektor kompanii Yevgeniy Novoselov. On otmetil, chto predpriyatiye kazhdyy god uvelichivayet proizvodstvo file mintaya v potrebitel'skoy upakovke dlya otechestvennogo pokupatelya.
Last year, Okeanrybflot sold more than 60 thousand tons of fish products in the domestic market, said CEO Evgeny Novoselov. He noted that the company every year increases the production of pollock fillets in consumer packaging for a domestic buyer.
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July 14
July 14 - Fisherman's Day!
Congratulations on the Day of the Fisherman and we sincerely wish to catch on your hook not only a large and tasty fish, but also great luck, a great success.
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July 04
The results of the first month of red Putin.
In June, Kamchatka fishermen caught more than 6.6 thousand tons of salmon.
▫️ The best result among the Nerka miners is 5 730,996 tons.
▫️ Pink salmon produced 283.812 tons,
▫️Chum - 294.317 tons,
▫️Chinooks - 186,036 tons.
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July 01
Ready-made fish on the way to the veterinary certificate.
On July 1, the requirement to issue veterinary accompanying documents for finished food products begins to apply. This list also includes fish products.
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June 13
CJSC "Energy" - our new partner!
Since 2002, in the Ust-Kamchatka region, there has been a well-functioning fishing enterprise, Energy Closed Joint-Stock Company.
On the 15th anniversary of the organization, the main gift was the launch of a completely new plant. The total number of workers in the Putin season exceeds 230 people. The enterprise’s capacities today can process up to 200 tons of salmon per day, and produce almost 160 tons of frozen products.
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April 11
New positions from the manufacturer LLC "Kamchattralflot"
Pacific salmon stew
TU 10.20.25-304-00472093-2018
Net weight 185g

Chum salmon natural (canned Pacific salmon)
GOST 32156-2013
Net weight 185g

Natural and quality product
Actual price is already on the site.
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April 05
Pollock and cod caviar sterilized in a new format - 220g
In stock sterilized pollock and cod caviar from PK "SMAK" in cans 220g
Number of attachments 1/48
Actual price is already in the section "PRICE"
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March 05
Flounder with Caviar available now!
Flounder with caviar, M size
Fresh frozen fish
Box 22 kg
Check out actual price
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February 25
Pay 1 get 2.
Together with the largest online gourmet food store, we launch a promotional campaign!
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January 23
VAT 20%
Since 2019 all prices for products of the company "Morskoy meridian" with the VAT.
Updated price list already on the site
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December 29
Happy New Year!
Happy New 2019 year! Let it be the year of pleasant discoveries, new friends and unforgettable meetings. Be happy. Happy New Year!
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December 09
The new packaging 600g
Manufacturer "Okeanrybflot" began production in 600g packs.
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November 27
We are pleased to announce our new caviar partner - LLC "Tymlatsky Fish Factory"
Weight red salmon caviar from the manufacturer Ltd. "Tymlatsky Fish Factory".
Price with VAT.
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November 07
Goods from the leading manufacturers of Kamchatka
Company over 20 years of experience in large wholesale
deliveries of red caviar, seafood.
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Good News!!
Friends, we are extending the promotion?
33% discount is valid until the end of January 2021 ???

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