Morskoi Meridian is an Expert on the Salmon Roe Market.
History of Morskoi Meridian Company

First shipment of red caviar to Moscow from Kamchatka.


Opening of the office and warehouse in Moscow at the address: Ryabinovaya Street, 38. The base has been successfully operating till now.


Morskoi Meridian becomes the exclusive wholesale sales representative of salmon roe within Russia for LLC "Bolsheretsk" and LLC "Narody Severa". The Company takes part in the international food exhibition WorldFood 2005 for the first time.


We become an agent of the fish company LLC "Delfin" (wholesale of red caviar).


The list of our partners includes the fishing company LLC "Vostochny Bereg". Apart from red caviar sold by weight our product range is added by pre-packed caviar (in plastic container and metal cans).


Our own refrigeration complex located in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was put into operation on the basis of which the trading platform is arranged.


Morskoi Meridian becomes an agent of Vityaz-Avto, the largest fishing holding in Kamchatka, and UstKamchatRyba enterprise in the category of salmon caviar sold by weight. We take part in the 2nd Global Fishery Forum and International exhibition for fishery, seafood and know-how in St. Petersburg. The participant of the annual international food exhibition WorldFood 2018 in Moscow.


We become the exclusive representatives of PAO "OkeanRybFlot" (representative in the network channel), network development, first shipments of products to "OkeanRybFlot" within such federal networks like METRO, Auchan,X5 Retail Group, LENTA, Victoria, SPAR, etc.


The refrigeration complex of the company "Morskoy meridian" in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky successfully passed the European audit and was assigned a Euro number.

Beginning of cooperation with the Western KUST group: krutogorovskoe, Kolpakovsky fish processing plant, and Skit.

Exclusive partnership for canned fish products with Kolkhoz IM.Lenin's".


Morskoy meridian LLC is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020.

5 reasons to work with us
Caviar market leader in Russia
20 years of impeccable reputation
In 2013 our own refrigeration complex in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
was put into operation
Shipments of products to customers from our own
storage areas, both in Moscow and in Kamchatka
Guaranteed supply of salmon roe regardless of
even- and odd-numbered fishing year
Use of only fresh raw materials
The Company has over 20 years of experience in wholesale distribution
of red caviar, seafood and canned foods within the territory of the Russian Federation.
Red caviar is known throughout the world as an exquisite delicacy that adds refinement to any dish.
Canned Foods
Canned products comprise only natural ingredients. No food colorings and preservatives.
Frozen Fish
With a large number of suppliers of fresh-frozen fish Morskoi Meridian is ready to offer you a wide range of great quality goods.
All our seafood is promptly packaged and frozen and it contributes to preserve them fresh and tasty.
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How to Buy
in Moscow:
Ryabinovaya Street, 38, bld. 18
+7 (495) 446-24-86
in Kamchatka:
Pobedy Avenue, 79a
+7 (906) 754-79-49